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My little space on the wobbly wild interweb; apart from all my others bits of my web social media malarky,
So just see this as the ROBRV hub…. 🙂

As to intro myself- I am a Radio Presenter / Producer, DJ, Radio Journalist and would you believe it, an occasional Voice talent, living and breathing in the wonderful country that is the United Kingdom.

I have presented for a good few UK Radio stations over the years- Radio Barking, rtm Radio, Active FM, Radio Nova, Time 107.5FM and Phoenix 98FM. I’ve been a radio broadcast assistant for BBC World Service, rtm Radio, Festival Radio and Time FM.


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Currently, I present for Phoenix 98FM in Essex; a leading Community Radio station. For Phoenix FM I have covered their breakfast show, mid-morning and drive-time shows on  many occasions; and provide adhoc cover to other shows whenever needed. My own show on the station, is a light-hearted specialist Synth based radio show. A live show that had originally started as a 3 hour weekend breakfast show, with bands & artists playing live, phone interviews and studio guests- still within all the usual breakfast show elements you would expect, just with a large selection of synth based artist sprinkled in. So the show had to  evolved, due in part to the local and international audience support.  My weekend show was morphing fast, so was reimagined into a week day version, with a closer commitment to Synth based indie pop/rock music in a kind of synthy specialist show, with a light hearted twist.

For a number of years, I have been requested to support live music gigs as a specialist DJ, primarily for electronic music events- venues in London & Birmingham, and Lille in France- so you may well catch out and about with some of the artists I get to play on my show.

As well as all what I have said,  I also help produce a weekend breakfast show for Time 107.5 FM in Essex- a station who I had the pleasure presenting for many times, and who I was part of the on-air team for the original companies many RSL’s.

I love presenting and producing fun music radio- I’m always been up for a challenge and I have that desire to learn; even after 20+ years on, it is still an exciting wonderland to me, and what with the use of ever growing new technology platforms, for radio production or simply social media thingies,  it has become for me, an even bigger boom.. I love being on the progressive curve

This little web’arama, is here for you to maybe get to know me, look around, and spark interest; should you be looking for a new presenter voice for your radio station, audio project and or a producer to help drive your radio shows or audio projects onwards.

If you follow my Phoenix 98FM live radio show- Synth City and would like to submit your synth-based Indie pop/rock songs for airplay on that show, then please get in contact.

{Please check out the radio show mixcloud rerun streams, to give you an idea of the show**}

I hope you like Rob Harvey’s Web’arama, with it’s fun content, radio show based information and audio samples- I’m reviewing and adding to all the time !

My regular Radio show,  is somewhat of a cult specialist electronic music show – ‘Synth City‘  and goes out live from Essex based Community radio station Phoenix FM, on Tuesday evenings at 8pm.

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Please don’t hesitate to reach out and make  CONTACT


UK Radio Presenter/Producer, DJ and Radio Journalist.


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Rob’s Mixcloud page is home to his radio shows reruns taken from Synth City on Phoenix FM**

Here you can listen to them all streamed, and even fave & share them too!





A selection of Radio show demonstration samplers;


  • Daytime Commercial Radio show demo: [Essex Lite]


  • Sampler from Rob Harvey’s Electronic Breakfast show: [Phoenix FM]



Video: YouTube