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My little space on the wobbly wild interweb; apart from all my other bits of my web social media malarky,
So just see this as the ROBRV hub…. 🙂

I am a Radio Presenter / Producer, DJ, Radio Journalist and would you believe it, an occasional Voice talent, living and breathing in the wonderful country that is the United Kingdom.

I have presented for a good few UK Radio stations over the years, from- Radio Barking, rtm Radio, Active FM, Radio Nova, Time 107.5FM and Phoenix 98FM.

I’ve have also worked as a broadcast assistant for BBC World Service, rtm Radio, Festival Radio and Time FM.

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Currently, I present for Phoenix 98FM in Essex; a leading Community Radio station. For Phoenix FM I have covered their breakfast show, mid-morning and drive-time shows on many occasions; and provide ad-hoc cover to other shows whenever needed.

My show is a light-hearted specialist Synth based radio show. A show that had originally started as a 3-hour weekend breakfast show, with bands & artists playing live, phone interviews and studio guests- still within all the usual breakfast show elements you would expect, just with a large selection of synth-based artist sprinkled in. So the show had to evolve, due in part to the growing local and international audience.  My weekend show was morphing, so was reimagined into a weekday version, with a closer commitment to Synth based indie pop/rock music.

I regularly support live music gigs as a specialist DJ, primarily for electronic music events- venues in London & Birmingham, and Lille in France- so you may well catch out and about with some of the artists I get to play on my show.

As well as my own show, I produce the Saturday breakfast show for Time 107.5 FM in Essex- a station who I had the pleasure presenting for many times, and who I was part of the on-air team for the original company; Active FM and its many RSL’s.

This little web’arama is here for you to maybe get to know me, look around, and spark interest; should you be looking for a new presenter voice for your radio station, audio project and or a producer to help drive your radio shows or audio projects onwards, let me know.


My regular Radio show is somewhat of a cult specialist electronic music show – ‘Synth City‘  and goes out live from Essex based Community radio station Phoenix FM, on Tuesday evenings at 8 pm.

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Check out the show’s ‘listen again’ via Apple Podcast and Mixcloud

If you follow Synth City and would like to submit your synth-based Indie pop/rock songs for airplay or as I say if you have a Radio show cover or project requirement.

Please reach out and make with me here:  CONTACT


UK Radio Presenter/Producer, DJ and Radio Journalist.


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Rob’s Mixcloud page is home to his radio shows reruns taken from Synth City on Phoenix FM**

Here you can listen to them all streamed, and even fave & share them too!





A selection of Radio show demonstration samplers;


  • Daytime Commercial Radio show demo: [Essex Lite]


  • Sampler from Rob Harvey’s Electronic Breakfast show: [Phoenix FM]



Video: YouTube